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A future focused company - how Total Compliance is changing the way driver training is delivered in the UK

September 1, 2023
3 minutes
Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360

It’s fair to say that being an innovative and future-focused company is a bit easier when the market where the company operates in a less regulated environment. But what if you operate in a highly regulated and complex environment?

From the moment our discussions with Michelle and Jonathan, the driving forces behind Total Compliance, commenced in late 2022, their unwavering dedication to reshaping the landscape of UK driver training became palpable. Tailoring their services to cater to the transport, logistics, and construction sectors, Total Compliance offers a comprehensive range of services, including the provision of Transport Compliance Auditing and training solutions like DGSA Services and FORS Accreditations.

Michelle and Jonathan were passionate about offering something different, something new to the driver training market in the UK. Driver training is not really known for its innovative nature. Virtual Reality and immersive training has been here for the last decade but these technologies have been adopted unevenly across the different markets. In some cases, like pilot training, it is perfectly normal to use immersive technology but in other cases, such as driver training, the picture is completely different. It’s not because companies or training providers are not interested in bringing something new or innovative to the market, it’s more about them having to adapt and change the way they operate and deliver training. It requires different skills to deliver successful immersive training compared to the good old reliable Powerpoint presentations.

In an industry that's often been stuck in the slow lane of innovation, Total Compliance is taking the fast track. Virtual Reality (VR) technology has not been widely embraced across all sectors. That's where , Total Compliance enters the scene, ready to rewrite the narrative. While others might hesitate in the face of operational changes, Michelle and Jonathan's dynamic mindset is turning heads. They're flipping the script, leveraging insights from diverse markets to gain that much-coveted edge.

In a landscape fraught with challenges, Total Compliance's unwavering focus on tomorrow is what sets them apart. Their tenacity has led to a remarkable milestone: the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) approval for their Virtual Reality Safe Urban Driving Training. This recognition isn't just a feather in their cap; it's a testament to their commitment to enhancing road safety by honing drivers' awareness of vulnerable road users.

Hosted on the anet360 platform, it's more than just a course; it's a game-changer. Imagine a smartphone app-based VR experience that's seamlessly integrated into the program.

It's a fusion of technology and passion, showcasing the immense potential when expertise and innovation collide. But here's the real gem: Total Compliance's achievement isn't just about the accolades. It's living proof that greatness blossoms at the crossroads of innovation and unwavering dedication. Their strategic positioning in the field isn't just strategic – it's visionary.

As we delve into their journey, it's evident that Michelle and Jonathan's story isn't just about them – it's about all of us.

It's a call to arms for every professional seeking to reshape their industry. It echoes a simple truth: innovation isn't just for the big players; it's a universal principle that we all can harness. Whether you're in tech or finance, driver training or architecture, it's about fostering a mindset that propels you to pioneer new frontiers.

So, here's to Total Compliance, the true pioneers of progress, standing as a vivid reminder that change isn't just a distant hope; it's an achievable reality. Their remarkable journey stands as a testament, showcasing the remarkable alchemy that occurs when revolutionary ideas meld with resolute dedication. Their story isn't just an inspiration; it's a call to action – a beckoning that invites us to light our own paths of innovation.

Let Total Compliance's narrative kindle the spark within us all.  The spark that has the power to set ablaze the flames of innovation in our own pursuits. Together, let's journey towards a future that's not just brighter, but undeniably more progressive.

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Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360
With more than 15 years in design and technology focused on people, I've dedicated myself to growing a business that makes a real difference. I'm the Founder and CEO of Another Set of Eyes (anet), a company my wife and I built from scratch. We've come a long way without financial backing from investors, proving our resilience and innovation and developing a high-quality, yet user-friendly software solution. Our mission is to change how organizations gather and use important information, share insights, and train their teams.

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