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ANET360 simplifies the entire training process, from registration, surveying participants, right through to analysing results.

Our interactive, blended training programs equip your business to outshine your competition.

Deliver truly engaging training courses now.

Create bespoke training that
truly engages learners

ANET360 enables your business to create, scale and integrate virtual reality (VR) training to supercharge your team’s professional development.

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Human Centered Design Workhop

Maximise performance
with immersive training

With our platform, you can deliver, manage and monitor every aspect of the learning journey
at the touch of a button.

Event Management System
We offer a sophisticated event management system that manages every aspect of your training in one centralised location.
Digitalised participant identification
Our AI-powered system ensures that the people attending the training are who they claim to be.
Track the performance of your learners, trainers or departments in real-time and manage data with ease
Virtual Reality experience and gamification
We simulate real-world scenarios to boost user engagement and to help students improve their skills.
Fully developed training packages
We have been working with experts who have more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering driver training.
Smartphone-based quiz and survey
A smartphone-based quiz and post-workshop evaluation form measure what students learned during the day.

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