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Identify risk at your workspace at a whole new level with anet360

A deeper focus on data collection and analysis will help identify potential risks, uncover hidden patterns, and enhance risk assessment practices at workplaces

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Understand, prevent and improve how task are approached

Deliver essential risk assessments and quality assurance assessments remotely, in a speedy, cost-effective, and scalable manner, while ensuring trackability and delivering a return on investment.

The system enables you to observe and comprehend where individuals are focusing their attention, as well as areas they may be overlooking. This aids in identifying key areas for improvement and pinpointing distractions or hazards.

With anet360's smart technology, accessing data from eye-tracking risk assessments becomes simple and intuitive.
Understand task execution
CEO, Company

We provide visualizations of employee interactions, offering a clear picture of how tasks are executed in a simple way

Prevent accidents
HR Advisor, Company

We provide visualization of the environment in which accidents occur, allowing you to identify distractions and dangerous aspects of tasks

Improve your company inspection techniques
Key Account Manager, Steels

Standardize visual patterns to effectively transfer expertise from experienced staff, promoting consistent quality control across the organization.

Help workers recognize abnormalities faster
Key Account Manager, Steels

Optimize training processes for efficient skill development, enabling time and resource savings while maintaining effectiveness and productivity.

Maintain high standards company

Risk assessment poses significant challenges, including complex risks, data limitations, and compliance requirements.

To thrive in a dynamic business environment, prioritize robust risk assessment practices. With our eye-tracking technology, gain valuable insights into employee behavior and decision-making, enhancing risk identification and mitigation.

Benefit from improved data collection, analysis, collaboration, resource allocation, and regulatory compliance. Elevate your risk assessment capabilities with anet360 and safeguard your business success in a rapidly changing landscape.

Achieve more with us - effortless, seamless and user-friendly

400 hours
Employee training time saved per year per department
Decrease in the time required to train new staff

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