Ensuring consistent skills and standards across your organization

Enhance productivity, streamline processes, improve quality, and ensure safety

Unlock, collect and document knowledge, transfer skills effortlessly.

Transferring skills from experienced employees to new staff is crucial in any industry to maintain standards. However, tacit knowledge can be difficult to convey in standard training procedures.

That's where our eye-tracking based technology comes in - it captures this valuable information in a way that is easily transferable, facilitating efficient skills transfer.

Visuliaze. Standardize. Improve.

Our solution provides a range of benefits to businesses looking to improve their training processes and maintain consistent standards across their workforce.

By utilizing eye tracking technology, our platform allows you to visualize the differences and similarities in attention between experts and non-experts, gaining deeper insights into the reasons and motivations behind their behavior.

From there, you can create efficient and effective standard operating procedures using the data and interview answers collected.

This leads to an enhanced training process that saves both time and cost, as the standardized data can be used for education, work instructions, and onboarding resources.

Risk assessment and quality assurance solutions

Cutting-edge risk assessment and quality assurance solutions that help you identify potential areas of improvement and minimize distractions or dangers in your workplace.

Our innovative system utilizes eye-tracking technology to capture real-time data and insights into where people are focusing and not focusing, allowing you to make informed decisions based on concrete data. Whether you're looking to improve safety in a manufacturing plant, optimize productivity in an office environment, or reduce errors our risk assessment and quality assurance solutions can help

Real-time data and insights
Customizable to meet specific needs
Improved workplace safety and quality assurance

Achieve more with us - effortless, seamless and user-friendly

400 hours
Employee training time saved per year per department
Decrease in the time required to train new staff

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