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H-TEC Transport Services achieves FORS approval

March 20, 2024
3 minutes
Linda Boroczky-Kodak

In the fast-moving transportation and logistics sector, where efficiency and safety are crucial, innovative training solutions are key. I'm excited to announce a partnership between anet360 and H-TEC Transport Services, poised to redefine driver training standards.

At anet360, our mantra goes beyond simply selling a product. We're in the business of building lasting relationships and fostering collaboration that drives real change. Now, more than ever, it's critical to work together to enhance our industry's safety and efficiency. And it's this shared vision that has led us to join hands with H-TEC Transport Services.

Since launching in 2019, our smartphone app for virtual reality (VR) safe urban driving training has revolutionized driver education for thousands. By offering immersive VR experiences through smartphones and integrating cutting-edge eye-tracking technology, we provide a comprehensive and accessible training solution

The feedback speaks volumes,

with over 94% of drivers rating their experience as excellent and 83% affirming the unparalleled usefulness of our VR training.

H-TEC Transport Services, under the visionary leadership of Emma Burdett since 2016, has been a beacon of innovation in the transport sector. Specializing in software and hardware solutions, H-TEC is committed to elevating the industry standard through comprehensive training courses. These courses don't just equip drivers with nationally recognized qualifications; they ensure participants are abreast of the latest best practices and regulations, truly setting a gold standard in transport training.

This partnership between anet360 and H-TEC Transport Services symbolizes our joint dedication to innovation and excellence in transportation. By merging our expertise, we're revolutionizing driver training to be more effective, engaging, and widely accessible. We're not just aiming for safety and compliance; we're making them the cornerstone of our approach.

Their VR SUD training, powered by our technology, has received official approval from FORS and DVSA/ JAUPT. This recognition highlights the program's effectiveness and its alignment with the highest industry standards, showcasing our combined commitment to excellence in transport education.

For business leaders and transport managers, this collaboration provides a unique opportunity to elevate driver skills, compliance, and safety.

With anet360's advanced VR training technology and H-TEC's specialized expertise, we offer a comprehensive solution designed for the contemporary transport industry.

Embracing these innovative training methods will not only improve safety but also boost operational efficiency and enhance our clients reputation.

Together, let's shift gears towards a safer and more efficient future.

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Linda Boroczky-Kodak
I'm Linda, co-founder and project manager of anet360. Working alongside my husband Francis and best friend, we're creating an exciting product that can make a positive impact on society. As a mother and a human being, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to help build a safer, better future that we can all take pride in.

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