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Working Together for a Sustainable Future

May 10, 2023
2 minute
Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360

At anet360, we're more than just a design-led technology company - we're a group of passionate individuals who are committed to creating products that enhance people's lives and make a positive impact on the environment.

Our belief in sustainability and climate change is not just a trend, but a core value that drives our business decisions. We truly believe that every small action counts, and we're dedicated to using our products and services to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

In our daily lives, we practice what we preach - however small they are. We don't own a car in big cities, opting for more climate-friendly public transport instead. We also separate our trash and buy eco-friendly products where we can. These practices aren't just something we do - they're part of who we are. When it comes to product development, we take our commitment to sustainability even further. We apply the circular economy approach to our product design, and we're soon launching anet.Earth, is a service that integrates positive impact into people's daily lives. With anet.Earth, we're building a system that makes it easier than ever to live sustainably. It's a project we're incredibly proud of, and we can't wait to share it with you.

With anet.Earth, we're not just creating another app or a solution that helps you plant a tree somewhere far away. We believe we can do more. The problem isn't that we don't have a choice; we do. The problem is that we don't always want to give up our comfortable lifestyle, or we would if there were a way to do so without sacrificing our quality of life.

Are you tired of companies making empty promises about sustainability and climate change? We hear you. That's why we're not just talking the talk - we're walking the walk with anet.Earth, our personalized sustainable as a service solution that empowers you to make a real impact on the environment.

With anet.Earth, we're not just telling you to recycle or turn off the lights - we're providing you with a comprehensive system that integrates sustainability seamlessly into your daily life. Our platform analyzes your habits and provides personalized recommendations that help you reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle. From eco-friendly product suggestions to actionable steps you can take to reduce waste and energy usage, anet.Earth is your one-stop-shop for sustainable living.

Our commitment to sustainability and climate change is not just about business - it's about our shared future. We believe that with our products and services, we can enable our clients to create opportunities for green jobs and help build a more sustainable future for everyone.

So, let's stop talking about sustainability and start taking action. Join us in our commitment to a sustainable future. Visit to learn more about anet360's mission and how you can be a part of the collective effort to create positive change.

Together, we can make a difference - it's time to act.

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Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360
I'm Francis, the founder of anet360, a software platform that helps businesses centralize their knowledge and improve their workforce. It's been an incredible journey building this company from scratch, and I feel so fortunate to work alongside a team of passionate professionals who share the same vision and goal - to build a better, safer future for everyone.

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