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How Early Adopters, like FM Conway, Drive Innovation

May 24, 2023
4 minutes
Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, one approach stands out for its ability to create transformative solutions that resonate with people on a deep level. Design thinking, rooted in the principles of empathy, collaboration, and innovation, has the power to revolutionize products, services, and experiences. By understanding the needs and desires of users, and approaching challenges with an open mind and a willingness to learn, designers can push the boundaries of what's possible and make a real difference in people's lives.

In today's fast-paced world, the power of design thinking to create positive change in society is undeniable. It has the potential to transform not only products and services but also the lives of people who interact with them. Scientific research and insights from industry experts consistently highlight the remarkable benefits of adopting a human-centred design approach. As professionals in the field, it is crucial to surround ourselves with advisors, mentors, and companies that share our passion for innovation and human-centricity. One such company that stands out as an early adopter of innovative design thinking is FM Conway.

Collaboration with diverse individuals and cultures broadens our understanding of alternative ways to think and solve problems.

FM Conway, with its progressive company culture, fosters flexibility by embracing new ideas and supporting innovative initiatives. This partnership opens up possibilities for unique problem-solving and enables us to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in design.

Design is about empathizing with users, understanding their needs, and creating solutions that resonate with them. The logistics industry, including professional drivers, faces unique challenges and frustrations on a daily basis. By immersing ourselves in their experiences, we gain valuable insights into their pain points, allowing us to design with empathy. Our collaboration with FM Conway gave us the opportunity to spend time with their drivers and truly understand the complexity of their work. This empathy-driven approach leads to impactful solutions that improve the lives of those who interact with them.

Innovation requires humility — a willingness to listen, accept constructive feedback, and embrace the possibility of being wrong. The creative process is a journey of sharing half-baked ideas, receiving feedback, and building upon each other's contributions. FM Conway's partnership fosters a culture of humility and collaboration, creating a safe space for exchanging ideas and exploring new possibilities. Our collaboration with FM Conway resulted in the creation of anet360, a smartphone-based virtual reality training tool tailored to the specific challenges faced by fleet operators serving Transport for London.

Together, we set new industry standards, fostering excellence and safety.

The integration of human-centred design methodology into professional environments is vital for driving innovation and creating impact. Early adopters like FM Conway serve as invaluable partners in this journey and we are thankful for that. Their commitment to fostering a culture of innovation, combined with their industry expertise, provides a solid foundation for collaboration and growth. By working hand in hand with a company that has the right culture, small companies, like us, can leverage their support, resources, and insights to refine our design processes and deliver even more impactful results.

The power of early adopters in driving innovation and creating impact cannot be overstated. FM Conway's collaboration serves as a great example of how aligning with companies that share our values and passion can fuel transformative change.

Through flexibility, empathy, and humility, we can push the boundaries of design thinking and make a real difference in people's lives. In essence this is what design thinking about - creating positive changes and improving the lives of people.

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Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360
I'm Francis, the founder of anet360, a software platform that helps businesses centralize their knowledge and improve their workforce. It's been an incredible journey building this company from scratch, and I feel so fortunate to work alongside a team of passionate professionals who share the same vision and goal - to build a better, safer future for everyone.

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