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Don't Let Critical Knowledge Slip Away - Capture and Transfer Knowledge with Ease

March 10, 2023
2 minutes
Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360

Are you concerned that valuable knowledge is slipping away from your organization as experienced managers and subject matter experts retire or move on? But how do you ensure that the knowledge and expertise of experienced managers are captured, documented, and transferred effectively to others in the organization?

Are you concerned that valuable knowledge is slipping away from your organization as experienced managers and subject matter experts retire or move on? You know that the success of your business depends on developing and nurturing talent, but how can you effectively capture, document, and transfer knowledge to others in the organization?

Knowledge management is essential to maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring the long-term success of an organization. However, traditional methods of capturing and documenting knowledge, such as lengthy one-on-one training sessions and extensive documentation, can be time-consuming, inefficient, and may not fully capture the expertise of the individual. At anet360, we offer a solution to this challenge. Our eye-tracking-based knowledge management platform captures an expert's process as they complete tasks, documenting the steps and processes they use. This information is compiled and presented in a format that is easy for others to learn and understand, making knowledge transfer more efficient and effective.

Not only does our platform save time and improve efficiency, but it also helps organizations build a culture of continuous learning. By creating a searchable library of video-based knowledge assets, businesses can create an accessible and organized repository of information that can be accessed by all employees. This promotes knowledge sharing and ensures that valuable knowledge is not lost as experienced employees leave the organization.

Studies have shown that employees waste an average of 5.3 hours per week trying to access crucial information to complete their jobs successfully. With our solution, you can transfer knowledge more effectively and efficiently, freeing up time for both the expert and the recipient.

This can help your organization succeed in critical situations, such as new product launches, company-wide initiatives, or preserving the expertise of key personnel.

At anet360, we understand the importance of preserving and transferring knowledge to ensure the long-term success of an organization. Our platform provides a simple and secure way to capture information in a video, share it, and manage a growing library of searchable video-based knowledge assets.

By using our eye-tracking-based solution, you can improve knowledge management and transfer in your organization, saving time, improving efficiency, and ensuring the success of your business. As the workforce continues to evolve and experience levels change, it's essential to have a solution in place to capture and preserve valuable knowledge for the long-term benefit of the company.

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Ferenc Boroczky
Founder and CEO of anet360
With more than 15 years in design and technology focused on people, I've dedicated myself to growing a business that makes a real difference. I'm the Founder and CEO of Another Set of Eyes (anet), a company my wife and I built from scratch. We've come a long way without financial backing from investors, proving our resilience and innovation and developing a high-quality, yet user-friendly software solution. Our mission is to change how organizations gather and use important information, share insights, and train their teams.

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