Marta Kalas

Guest writer
With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare and technology sectors, I am a passionate and driven entrepreneur who enjoys launching and growing innovative businesses that create value and impact. As the Founder and CEO of Open CPD, I am leading a team that is revolutionising accreditation for training and event providers, enabling them to streamline their processes, reach new audiences, and improve their quality standards. I serve on the boards of a some health-tech companies and projects, leading the digital transformation. These include an Expert Patient training service (, the Community Eye Alliance, a social enterprise that aims to improve eye health and Thomson Screening, the providers of the widely adopted SchoolScreener software.
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Advancing Industrial Training: The Open CPD Framework for Skilled Workforce Development

For industrial companies aiming to revitalise and add value to their training programmes, the Open CPD platform presents an attractive proposition. Embracing a model that emphasises clear objectives, auditable credentials, and an efficient process, these organisations can uplift the status of their skilled workforce training initiatives.

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