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By Company - 24.11.2021 - Press Release

Transolva Group delivers next generation driver training

Leading transport services provider Transolva Group, based in South-West England, has started to deliver next generation Driver CPC training.

Adding to an already comprehensive portfolio of professional courses, the team are now able to deliver immersive learning content that includes virtual reality headsets with 360 degree filming, drone view footage, eye tracking technology and an interactive smartphone app.

With content created by Transformotion and technology powered by anet360, The Transolva Group offer two 7 hour DVSA approved courses that provide a revolutionary experience for professional HGV and PCV drivers. VR Safe Urban Driving allows drivers to experience what it’s like to ride a bicycle in urban areas around a large commercial vehicle. The course focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to share the road safely with vulnerable road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists, all within the safety of a classroom setting.

Five VR experiences recorded in real-traffic, combined with method card-based group activities and an interactive smartphone app create an engaging experience for those who work in an urban / city environment Interactive Safe Motorway Driving covers all aspects of driving on a motorway, from joining the carriageway to travelling along it and leaving on the slip road. Topics include hazard awareness, fuel efficiency, the impact of weather, continental driving and personal safety overnight. The course includes four VR experiences, four drone recordings recorded in real-traffic for better hazard perception, memory exercises, a bank of questions in an interactive smartphone app and eye tracking to highlight concentration and awareness.

"The team at the Transolva Group are pleased to be involved and working with James Tillyer of Transformotion and anet360. The courses have been put together very well and have some great content and offer a new and
exciting experience to anyone who takes the decision to attend one of these courses.

Because of the technology and investment involved, the courses carry a premium over the others we offer in our portfolio but we feel this
to be acceptable as they offer excellent value for money over the traditional 2 attendees to 1 trainer current offering”

Phil Bond, Managing Director, Transolva Group

“We’re thrilled to support Phil and his team in the delivery of these revolutionary courses. Our focus has always
been to give professional drivers a better experience, and The Transolva Group can use their knowledge and
expertise to bring these courses to life”

James Tillyer, Managing Consultant, Transformotion Ltd

“We are delighted to work with Transolva to help their clients and drivers experience more interactive and
engaging learning experiences. This is a significant step and a new approach to driver training using a different
perspective, and at anet360 we’re proud to work with Phil and his team.”

Ferenc Boroczky, CEO, anet360

For information on the courses and how to book your place, contact the Transolva team on 01935 577007 or at info@transolva.co.uk

Ferenc Boroczky

Founder/ CEO - FrancisKodak Design Lab - Developer of anet360 - Business design consultant with 5+ years of experience delivering effective strategic and commercial business initiatives. Strong Business and Design acumen, data analytics skills and broad financial modelling knowledge coupled with knowledge that gained from top European universities, such as University of St. Gallen and experience in Online marketing, Innovation, FMCG, Neuromarketing.