Tobii Pro Partnership Announcement

By Ferenc Boroczky - 02.02.2021 - Company Update

We have partnered with Tobii Pro - world leader in eye tracking technology

As they say, life is a journey of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, mountains to climb and oceans to explore. Good times and difficult times. But always, life is a movement forward and today we made a big step forward. I am immensely proud to announce a consultancy agreement and collaboration partnership with Tobii Pro, the world leader in eye-tracking technology and analysis, to develop innovative, eye-tracking based training, risk assessment products and solutions.Tobii Pro is a truly brilliant team.

A huge thanks to the team for working so hard to make this happen - Nora Laura Winkler, Eva Windish, Jan-Erik Lundkvist, Jon Ward, Scott Hodgins and Laurens Van Den Broek.

The collaboration will see Tobii Pro’s hardware and analysis solution become a core part of ANET360’s new product development and will enable ANET360 to continue to develop innovative products and services in the coming years.

Work is underway on our new solutions which we plan to unveil in Q3 2021 - stay tuned for more information!

Ferenc Boroczky
Founder/ Director

2nd of February, 2021.