Refund Policy

By FrancisKodak Design Lab  - Company - Last updated - 17.10.2021

Refund policy - Excerpt

Please review our return policy before purchasing any of ANET360 software products.

anet360 Software offers a detailed description of its software. The product description of anet360 can be found here. Therefore, it is assumed that the buyer has reviewed his/her product of choice, has requested a demonstration of the product or used a trial version if available, and is satisfied with its quality before effecting actual purchase of said product. With knowledge of the above, no refund/return request should be solicited by the buyer/user on such basis.

All software is non-refundable.

We strive to provide our customers with the most professional and user-friendly software along with the best technical and support services. We offer free trial versions for our software to help you make the right decision. Therefore, all customers can download the free demo version from our website and fully evaluate the program before placing an order.

Try Before You Buy

To help ensure that our products are just what you are looking for, anet360 provides free trial versions of products by of a 'Try-before-you-buy" option. We strongly recommend that all customers download, install, and try the free trial version of any anet360 software to fully evaluate the software. This helps avoid dissatisfaction after the purchase.

– If you’ve purchased and downloaded software, and need assistance with installation and/or activation, please send us an email.

– If you require Technical Support with an anet360 software product, please send us an email.

– If you require Support using a product, please look in the help section of that product for the online manuals or send us an email.

Technical Circumstances

The customer does not upgrade the anet360 software when an update is available.

- No technical issues found in the software.

- Customer requests a refund for technical issues, but refuses to cooperate with the anet360 support team to troubleshoot the problem by providing detail description and information regarding the issue, or customer refuses to try to apply the solutions provided by the anet360 support team.

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